Q. What's the difference between an interpreter and a translator?
A. An interpreter works with the oral word, whilst a translator works with the written word.

Q. When can I contact you?
A. We are open 24/7 all year round to take your call or query.

Q. What languages do you do?
A. Simply, every world language; from Affrikans to Zulu, we can translate it or interpret it.

Q. What qualifications do your interpreters / translators have?
A. All of our interpreters and translators are experienced and qualified individuals. They hold a minimum 3rd level qualification and must extensive proven qualifiable experience in translating or interpreting.  All our interpreters and translators are trained and are signees to our confidentiality agreements.

Q. What are the formats that I can submit my documents for translation?
A. We will accept your documents in all possible formats including - by post / fax / email / all electronic formats. Please see our contacts page for more details.

Q. How do I acquire a quotation?
A. To acquire a quotation simply ring us on 086-2552335 or complete the on-line form in the "Get a Quote" section of this website.

Q. How soon can I expect a response back?
A. We promise to answer your query within 3 hours from submission. We will respond to you in the medium you request, or in the medium you contacted us by.

Q. What's the next step, if I want to go ahead with the translation?
A. You simply contact us again and tell us to proceed with the work.

Q. Are there any additional charges not covered by the estimate you give me?
A. No, the estimate supplied to you will cover all costs.

Q. What is your pricing structure for document translations?
A. We quote you in one of two ways - by word or by page. We will advise you of this and the rate, in the quotation we send you.

Q. In what format will you return the completed work to me?
A. We will return it to you in the format you requested it in, in your original quotation application.

Q. How do I know my translation is accurate?
A. Your completed translation is checked by an independent translator after completion and is also scrutinised by experienced office staff for format, layout and style.

Q. If I require a second copy of a translation you did for me some time in the future, can I still get it?
A. Yes. We keep all translations on secure file and will be happy to send you additional copies at a later date if you so require.

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AddAccord Translations, Chestnut House, Oldtown, Co. Dublin

Our security programme includes:

  • Fireproof Safes
  • Shredding Facilities
  • Monitored Alarm Systems
  • Norton 2011 360 Anti Virus Software
  • Windows 7 Professional Software
  • Stringent Confidentiality Agreements
  • Complete Interpreter / Translator Security Training